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Pen & Paper

When time stands still, no light of day,

then their whole lives are miles away.

And the dreams they chase become a maze of existential fears.

They will stop at nothing to have everything. Despite the tears.

It looks pretty good on paper.

Do their hearts stay pure?

Blood and sweat, hard to forget.

Nothing that they die for!

It looks pretty good on paper.

But the poor stay poor.

Be in the black with no regrets.

I can’t take it anymore!

It’s not easy to be different,

in a world where no one cares.

Increase their weight, decide the fate

for simply better shares.

The world is run by money

not by the guys that try to rule.

The simplest way of getting on:

Just acting like a fool!

The futureless ideals destroy the future of us all.

This competition’s only making slaves that slowly fall.

It’s not up to those who lead,

it’s only up to those who stoop.

I have never been a friend of this

so let’s unite and break out of this loop.

It’s done by pen & paper,

while their hearts stay poor!

Blood and sweat, they won’t forget

the things that they died for.

Decide with pen & paper,

that the poor stay poor.

No regrets to be in black.

I can’t take it anymore!