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You know them well, these stupid dissemblers

that cast a role out of control.

You build high walls to seal yourself off from the rest,

while they avoid you like the pest.

“Better keep your nose clean!” the voice within shouts it’s head off.

Don’t you dare to contradict them!

You should let it all out

or you’ll ever deny what it’s all about.

I surely know that it’s not easy,

when so much depends on your rep.

I am sure that you will believe me.

When a storm comes up

and you believe you gotta deconstruct yourself.

Because you’re lost and your life has no value.

You’re like me. We’re outnumbered!

When you feel fucked up.

Your body’s imbued with disorderly conduct.

Do not let it trouble you.

You’re like me! We’re outnumbered.

We believe that we can be much more.

You simply have to choose the way you’re looking for.

In the future our past will shine brightly.

And every human will live like it should be.