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Legal Torture

Sitting in front of TV shows

where “celebrities” just act like hoes

while trying to get fame, stultifying themselves.

Legal torture to entertain.

Stupid stories! Stupid games!

Mesmerizing stupid folks, it’s flying off the shelves.

Feed this world with information.

Make-believe to lock your mind.

You’re taught what they allowed.

Just to keep you controllable.

Flash freezing mindless crowds

to stay on top.

Fake stories, fake the news.

One nation poisoned by ignorance.

Investigate the clues,

take the shot.

Dance to the tunes,

society prunes

to make them fit

what they think what you want to hear.

Can’t you see control is everywhere.

You’re way fat!

Get out of your bed!

Today’s racks.

Sickness by wrong ideals.

Too many guys know how it feels.

Keep them far from education.

Fake the news to keep you blind.

Feed them with hate and ignorance!