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The picture’s still present
as you took the final step outside my door
and nothing felt like it did before.

I’ll never forget it
the plenty moments I lay passed out on the floor.
I’m trembling deep down to the core

And now all those blooming flowers
look like a colored sea.
They blur pictures, where I cowered,
and keep smiling at me.

But I never thought,
that in spring it could be so cold.
But I won’t give in.
Long ago, You were the only one I know.
And today I don’t feel different,
I’m still just a flake in the snow.

I know you get it
as your simple world will slowly fall apart
and you have to go back to the start.

You will regret it
someday you’ll see that you hammered nails into my heart
you were the cause for all my scars.